Davidson County

The City of Nashville sits in the middle of Davidson County (Areas 1-8). As of 2010, Davidson County had a total population of 626,681. Our multiple listing service (MLS) has split this county into 8 different sections.

Murfreesboro Rd. to I 65
I 65 to Charlotte Pk.
Charlotte Pk. to Cumberland River W.
Cumberland River W. to Clarksville Pk.
Clarksville Pk. to Dickerson Pk.
Dickerson Pk. to Cumberland River E.
Cumberland River E. to I 40
I 40 to Murfreesboro Rd.

If you are looking for a neighborhood in Nashville, Davidson County is full of wonderful historic neighborhoods that have many different attributes to offer when moving to the Nashville area.  These areas surround the City of Nashville and feature some well-established neighborhoods and some neighborhoods that are revitalizing.

Area 1 includes Crieve Hall neighborhood, Antioch, and a portion of the City of Brentwood. In this area you will be close to the downtown area and can find many ranch homes on ½ acre lots or new subdivision homes at an affordable price.

Area 2 has many neighborhoods including Green Hills, Hillsboro Village, Belmont, Forest Hills, Oak Hill, Belle Meade, Bellevue, West Meade and many more. It covers a large portion of Davidson County and boasts the Green Hills Mall, Whole Food market, and many other attractions.

Area 3 features the Bicentennial Mall, the historic Germantown neighborhood and the Nashville farmer’s market. It is close to downtown which has brought many condo developments and homeowners that want a short commute time to their downtown office.

Area 4 is on the west side of Davidson County and follows the Cumberland River to the north.  This area sits next to Area 5 and tends to be a more rural area with some subdivisions beginning.

Area 5 features portions of Nashville, Joelton, Goodlettesville, and Whites Creek. This area is going to be much more rural but still offers homeowners the proximity to town.

Area 6 is most known for the East Nashville and surrounding neighborhoods. Within East Nashville is an area called 5-points, which has diverse shopping, eateries, coffee shops and much more. Many homeowners flock to this area for the historic homes that are being revitalized or re-built.

Area 7 is close to the airport and features the cities of Nashville, Old Hickory, Donelson, and Hermitage. This area is near Old Hickory Lake, J. Precy Priest Lake and the Cumberland River. Homeowners that enjoy the peace of the water and being close to town will migrate to this area.

Area 8 ends surrounding the west side of J. Percy Priest Lake and features the city of Nashville and Antioch.

Williamson County

Williamson County (Area 10) is south of Davidson County and is a mix of historical charm and new growth. As of 2010, the total population in this county was 183,182. It is mostly considered to be a suburban area of Nashville. Although, the City of Franklin is where the growth of this area began. As Nashville and Franklin began growing, they have meshed together and it is hard to tell where one began and the other ended. Franklin has a beautiful downtown area that has received several awards for historical preservation.  As you move further away from Franklin’s downtown area, you will find many subdivisions and tons of growth in residential and commercial properties. There are still some areas of Franklin that are rural and these areas are where you will find many of the local musician’s estates. The City of Franklin includes the Cool Springs area, which is home to many Fortune 500 companies and a large upscale mall.  This allows Williamson County to surpass many of the surrounding counties in real estate expansion and stability. In June 2011, the average sales price for a single-family home was $420, 297.

During the real estate boom, GM determined the Spring Hill area to be the best fit for their Saturn plant. At this point, new subdivisions began to move even further south to rural Spring Hill and Thompson Station area.  This area still has a lot of land, but here you will find many new subdivisions that have been built in the last 10 years for a more affordable price. The average sales price in June 2011 was $244,348.

The City of Brentwood sits on the Williamson County and Davidson County line.  Most natives consider Brentwood to be in Williamson County and the majority of it is there, but there is a portion that sits in Davidson County. It is a perfect location for someone looking to be close to work in Williamson County, but also want the convenience of living close to the urban nightlife in downtown Nashville.  The average sales price for a home in the Williamson County portion was $568,347 and the Davidson County portion was $257,379.